Mission & Objectives

WEF Mission Statement:

To acquire, disseminate and manage knowledge, policy making in relation to Pakistan's water resources, contribute to public discourse through a programmatic approach in integrated management of Pakistan's water resources and providing a platform for professionals to come together and take actions to achieve sustainable development of water environment.

WEF Objectives:

1. Addressing trans border issues relating to water environment for its sustainable development
2. Working on Climate Change Policy
3. Taking initiatives on Hydel power generation - a clean and cheaper energy
4. Developing irrigation efficient techniques towards food security
5. Protecting the frozen assets of water held by glaciers through Eco friendly activities
6. infra structure development for flood and drought protection
7. Preservation of forests to avoid degradation of environment
8. Represent Pakistan's water environment interests at international forums.
9. Provide consultancy and training services 10. Ensure security of water by organizing WEF meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences or attending other such events organised by institutions.
11. Skill development in Pakistan for country, Indus basin, south asia and other countries
12. Promoting cooperation within the region for sharing data, information and skills for global benefit
13. Identifying, inviting, assembling and enlisting support for WEF membership
14. Conserving, preserving, administering, monitoring and promoting water environment by networking and implementing required programs
15. Creating public awareness on water environment challenges
16. Promoting sustainable development solutions through research
17. Encouraging dialogue amongst stakeholders
18. Acting as a think tank and networking with other think tanks on water environment
19. Working with other such organisations and interfacing with governments and media